Black Wings of Olde

I am the late white rabbit.
[Roleplayer Tumblr Only. I am not this man, I wish.]

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Good evening, well technically this is good morning. Though wouldn’t it be unwise to say good evening when it was the morning, or is it unwise to so morning instead of evening. Hm, that has got me thinking of more mannerisms. Hee, anyway I would just like to greet you. Hello.

Hello to you as well.

That smile look forced dear. Well no matter, it is not to my business why have you forced that smile. How are you this evening er, afternoon?

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    Talbot it is then. I’m sorry if I insulted you, that wasn’t my intention.
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    It’s fine. I am that is. You can say, hee, I really don’t know who I am. But… I named Talbot, you may call me that.