Black Wings of Olde

I am the late white rabbit.
[Roleplayer Tumblr Only. I am not this man, I wish.]


Are you not around anymore, God of mischief?

onepillmakesyoulighter started following you 






and you are?

Talbot. Pleasure to meet you. I just believed that you were so kind to follow me, I would return the favor.

But I recall it was vise versa. Either way, pleasure to meet you, Talbot.

As you place it, my good sir, I shall not break sound information such as yours. Either way, the pleasure is all mine… Mr…

Good sir? Interesting.  Loki Laufeyson. I can’t help but to notice that you are…. trained in some sort of skill. Military?

You could reach to that conclusion, yes. Though I was more punished than trained. -chuckles; And you seem like someone who is interesting in these matters. Mischief is a sort of… hobby for me.

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